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Saturday  November 19 2011, Bogor Agricultural University in collaboration with Indonesia Magnifience of Zakat subsidiary of Dompet Dhuafa and Permata Bank held a seminar and workshop called “HUMANS” Humanity by Words. The seminar and workshop was located in Building Lecture A Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University. The seminar and workshop with the theme of humanity was attended by about 170 IPB students. IPB student’s enthusiasm was so great that the number of applicants exceeded the capacity.
Chairman of the organizing committee
from IMZ (Mr. Iqbal) stated: “During the begining of organizing this workshop, the first campus that came to my mind was IPB, because IPB is the place where activist are born, especially activists who focuses on charity and humanitariasm so thats why IPB became one of the priorities holding of this workship. In addition, IMZ, the distinquished speakers and Permata Syariah Bank also paid great attention to IPB, since IPB has high enthusiasm towards jounalism and it has proved to be true.” During the event, participants of HUMANS in IPB were very enthusiast. Hopefully this workshop will be able to bring new humanity journalists such as Eri Sudewo as founder of Dompet Dhuafa.


This event presents writers who are also engaged in the humanitarian field, including A. Fuadi which is the nations best-selling author of five towers and the realm of three colors. Also a speaker of the workshop was Sunaryo Adiatmoko which is a humanitarian journalist. The purpose of this seminar and workshop is to increase the capacity of students especially IPB students to write, meaning encourage the humanitarian side of students to put it in writing. After attending the “HUMANS” seminar and workshop, students are expected to apply their writing theories into the writing competition, as part of the series of events of HUMANS.

In addition, during the event participants were also introduced a new scholarship from the Permata Syariah Bank amounted of 150 million rupiahs dedicated to 20 students of Bogor Agricultural University. This scholarship was given symbolically by the Director of Permata Bank, Mr. Achmad Kusna Permana to the representatives from the Bogor Agricultural University, represented by Prof.. Dr. Ir. Yonny Kusmaryono as Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs.

The seminar and workshop will roadshow to six universities that exist around Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung. IPB Bogor area was chosen as a representative of Bogor and ITB as regional representatives of Bandung, while Jakarta was represented by four universities which include UI, UNJ, UIN and TRISAKTI.



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